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Support our large family in 2020

Giving back is as simple as one dollar, one day, one moment. You can join us as we change lives and be changed in the process.

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A Chance for a Hope and a Future

Our kids come from rough situations of abuse and neglect. "Juanita" was similar to many of our kids. She arrived at our home as part of a group of 4 siblings, scared, hungry and dirty. They had never been to school, and so she was a 10 year old who could not read.It took time, but through the love and care here, Juanita was able to not only learn to read, but to finish high school and eventually, even attend college. She learned about God's never-ending love and through care from our family there she was able to find emotional healing and today she is married with a healthy family of her own. She was able to beat the odds and break the cycle of poverty, abuse and sadness.

Our kids are here because they are victims of abuse and neglect, but we know that God can bring good out of bad circumstances. (Romans 8:28) and that His plan is for our kids to have a hope and a future. Your support allows us to provide the family home where our kids can heal, grow and become equipped to create their own healthy future.

Thank you for joining us in loving our kids.